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A Children's Book that will take you to the heart of Rainbow Beach, Queensland

"A Rainbow Story with Sofia and Matisse"

Beautifully illustrated, a full-color picture book
bringing to life the wonders of a small but spirited community,
through the eyes of two curious characters.

Educational & Inspiring

Adventure and Friendship Children's Book

Multicultural Children's Books

Australian History for Kids

Rainbow Beach Queensland Picture Book.png

The first illustrated children's book showcasing Rainbow Beach, Australia.

Written by Elisa Seul

Illustrated by Alessia Castiglioni

with the participation of Aunty Karen Hall

"A Rainbow Story with Sofia and Matisse" is a bridge between worlds. Through the eyes of two engaging characters, children will embark on a journey that uncovers the layers of Australia's cultural landscape.


They'll learn to foster respect and understanding from a young age.

This book is an invitation for young minds to explore the complexities of multiculturalism, to recognize past wounds, and to see how diversity is not just a challenge to overcome but a strength to celebrate.

Open the pages, and let's nurture a generation of healers, thinkers, and bridge-builders for a more inclusive and harmonious future.

This book is fantastic.

It's a work of art!"

John, Rainbow Beach resident

This is Queensland on a plate.

So easy for people to recognise pieces of our beautiful Queensland coast"

Carolyn, marriage celebrant
My grandkids love having a book about Nan and Pop's town.

Larraine, Rainbow Beach resident

Real People
Real Places
Real Connections

A Rainbow Story with Sofia and Matisse book

A local story for residents and visitors

a rainbow story charachters.png

Download and Colour

Little artists, get your crayons ready! We've got a special treat for you from 'A Rainbow Story with Sofia & Matisse'. 

Introducing our FREE downloadable coloring pages featuring your favorite characters from the book!

It's time to add your own splash of color to Sofia, Matisse, and their magical world.

Click, download, and let the colors flow!

Don't forget to share your masterpieces with us by tagging #ARainbowStory 

We can't wait to see your creativity shine! 🌟


The pdf file contains three different coloring pages that you can download and colour. Don't forget to send us a photo of your finished work.

Fostering a deeper appreciation and connection to the area.

People in Queensland, especially in regions like Rainbow Beach, often seek engaging ways to connect with local culture and history, but struggle to find resources that are both educational and captivating for all ages.

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