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Get to Know the Author of
"A Rainbow Story with Sofia and Matisse"

How do you craft a world where the vibrancy of language, the depth of cultural understanding, and a passion for shaping young minds come together? Meet Elisa Seul, an author whose life and professional journey are as colorful and inspiring as the children's books she creates.

Born in the heart-warming island of Sardinia, Italy, Elisa embarked on a journey that is a testament to her dedication and love for education and multicultural understanding.

Holding a diploma in teacher training with a specialization in foreign languages, literature, and cultures, she has not only mastered the art of communication across linguistic barriers but also assimilated the rich essences of various cultures into her being.

Her academic path didn't stop there. Elisa further pursued a degree in Political Sciences, International Studies, and Human Rights, which adds a unique depth to her children's books. Hers are not just stories; they are bridges connecting young minds to the larger world, teaching them about diversity, empathy, and the beauty of different perspectives.

As an Education Manager, her experience has been pivotal in understanding the educational and emotional needs of students. This experience shines through in her writing, which is both engaging and enlightening, woven with threads of fun and learning.

Moving from Padua (Italy), where she lived for 9 years, to the picturesque coastal town of Rainbow Beach in Australia, Elisa has not just changed her location but also expanded her canvas of creativity. Her book is a fusion of her rich Sardinian-Italian heritage, her profound educational background, and her ceaseless passion for making a difference in people's lives.

So, why read a book by Elisa? Because they are windows to a world where learning is an adventure, and every page turns is a step towards becoming a global citizen.

Welcome to her world, where every child finds a friend, a teacher, and a guide.

Passionate about

promoting awareness about specific locations, cultures; valuing educational content.

Elisa Seul Author
Elisa Seul
Elisa Seul Rainbow Beach Australia

How it all started

The journey of "A Rainbow Story with Sofia and Matisse" began on an ordinary afternoon in 2022, with the sun casting a warm glow over the sands and the waves inspiring tales to those who listened.


Elisa and Alessia, both originally from the beautiful landscapes of Italy, found friendship and a shared creative spark in the scenic town of Rainbow Beach, Australia. ​It was a day like any other, with Alessia, eight months pregnant and catching her breath by the shore, watching Sofia, Elisa's daughter, play in the sand.

The sea breeze stirred something more than just the air; it sparked an idea. ​Elisa, ever the storyteller, and Alessia, an artist with a magical touch, stood with their feet buried in the sand, gazing out at the horizon towards Double Island Point.

"We should write a book," they thought, "a book for children, where I write meaningful words and you draw colourful illustrations".

This vision quickly turned into a reality when we received funding for the Creative Concept Development through the RADF, facilitated by the Gympie Regional Council. At the time, Elisa was volunteering as the president of the Rainbow Beach Community Centre Association, a role that fueled her enthusiasm and passion for the community and this project.


​Integral to our story's creation was Aunty Karen Hall, a respected Butchulla Artist and Cultural Consultant.

Her wisdom and guidance ensured our narrative paid tribute to and respected the course of history, acknowledging the First People of this area that happily inhabit this place before the European colonisation.

In May 2022, we gathered for a yarning session on the beach, where Aunty Karen shared the three Butchulla lores and traditions with an audience of eager children and their parents. This session was enlightening; it became a part of our book, infusing it with authenticity and respect for the indigenous heritage of this land.​


Our book, "A Rainbow Story with Sofia and Matisse," is inspired by real characters, set in a beautiful location, and shows genuine connections. It's a story born from the heart, nurtured by friendship, and enriched by multi-cultural roots.

We invite you to dive into its pages and explore Rainbow Beach through the eyes of Sofia and Matisse, and perhaps, find a piece of yourself in it too.

Meet the Illustrator: Alessia Castiglioni.

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